Dina Weilhammer

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-179
Livermore, CA 94550
email: weilhammer1@llnl.gov
phone: 925 422 2977
fax: 925 422 2099



Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2012

Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2010

B.S., UCLA, 2004


My research efforts have focused on the use of a nanoparticle platform as the basis for immune modulation strategies to combat infectious diseases relevant for public health and bioescurity.


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  • Weilhammer DR, Blanchette CD, Fischer NO, Alam S, Loots GG, Corzett M, Thomas C, Lychak C, Dunkle AD, Ruitenberg JJ, Ghanekar SA, Sant AJ, Rasley A. (2013) The use of nanolipoprotein particles to enhance the immunostimulatory properties of innate immune agonists against lethal influenza challenge. Biomaterials 34(38):10305-18.
  • Weilhammer DR, Iavarone AT, Villegas EN, Brooks GA, Sinai AP, Sha WC. (2012). Host metabolism regulates growth and differentiation of Toxoplasma gondii. Int J of Parasitol 42(10):947-59
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