Feliza Bourguet

Contact information

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-452
Livermore, CA 94550
email: bourguet1@llnl.gov
phone: 925 424 5666


Education and Professional Experience

B. S. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, 1999

M. S. in Applied Biosciences, University of Arizona, 2002



Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. Host-pathogen and bioremediation molecular biology and biochemistry, including detection and decontamination of B. anthracis and Y. pestis injectisome formation.



  • Ly, S., Bourguet, F.A., Lau, E., Fischer, N.O., Coleman, M.A., Laurence, T. A. (2014) Quantifying Interactions of a Membrane Protein Embedded in a Lipid Nanodisc using Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy. Biophys. J. 106(2):L05-8.
  • He W, Luo J, Bourguet F, Xing L, Yi SK, Gao T, Blanchette C, Henderson PT, Kuhn E, Malfatti M, Murphy WJ, Cheng RH, Lam KS, Coleman MA. (2013) Controlling the diameter, monodispersity, and solubility of ApoA1 nanolipoprotein particles using telodendrimer chemistry. Protein Sci. 22(8): 1078-86.
  • Bourguet, F.A., Souza, B.E., Hinz, A.K., Coleman, M.A., Jackson, P.J. (2012). Characterization of a Novel Lytic Protein Encoded by the Bacillus cereus E33LGene ampD as a Bacillus anthracis Antimicrobial Protein. Appl Environ Microbiol. 78:3025-7.
  • Gao, T., Blanchette, C.D., He, W., Bourguet, F., Ly, S., Katzen, F., Kudlicki, W.A., Henderson, P.T., Laurence, T.A., Huser, T., Coleman, M.A. (2011) Characterizing diffusion dynamics of a membrane protein associated with nanolipoproteins using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Protein Sci. 20:437-47.
  • Beller, H. R., Legler, T.C., Bourguet, F., Letain, T. E., Kane, S.R., and Coleman, M.A. (2009). Identification of c-type cytochromes involved in anaerobic, bacterial U(IV) oxidation. Biodegradation. 20:45-53.